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So for years I’ve been sweeping up all my Aluminum chips from the Smithy and hording them in a large clear ~55 gallon ish bag and its getting full. I don’t really want to turn it in for scrap or send it to recycling, the thought of at least casting it into Aluminum Ingots seemed to be the most appealing but did not know much about the DIY at home side of it. I’ve done plenty of casting design work at my 9-5 gas turbine jobs and threw an aluminum pop can in a fire once just to see what would happen. with all the other metal work stuff I do I would think decorative or functional Aluminum casting would be useful down the road.


Enter Youtube and Grant Thomposon’s the King of Random channel where he has a home made foundry, then he has several videos on various things you can make with it.


I picked up the Bucket, Plaster of Paris, Sand, metal pipe, adapter at Lowes and a Fan at walmart today (July 16′) and its a nice side project (a distraction from all the other stuff.