For those who did not grow up in an Aviation Family, RC Aircraft are a common source with most Engineers, Airline Pilots, Military Pilots, Aircraft Factory workers is what got them started in in Aviation. I have tried to keep RC aircraft going concurrently with “Full Scale” activities (Work, 500, EAA).

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My most serious distraction is with Multi Rotors, being involved with almost all aspects of aviation my educated thoughts on “drones” is to “Ban Idiots, not drones”


Here is my Tri-Copter (prime use machine) Based on David Windestal Design, with its Y shape it’s easier to fly line of site than my Quad’s. performance is excellent, very durable and it equipped with high power LED’s down each arm so Night Flights are fun.

I was extremely active with R/C aircraft middle school thru College, building dozen’s of scratch built Nitro planes. starting in College I started to dabble with Electric powered aircraft, brushed motors & NiCd’s where the norm so performance was very lame. I even tried some stuff with 3 Phase & Lipos but it was not till I was settled in my own House (after a long Gypsy lifestyle) with most of the renovations over with that I discovered Flite Test on you tube. I don’t follow many regularly scheduled shows on TV beyond the occasional package deal on Netflix. but Flite Test really caught  my attention between the content, learning and production quality. Watching the show I learned all about DIY high performance Multi Rotors & low cost foam board aircraft. Wonder if they know if Embry-Riddle Alumni, Sr Aerospace Engineers who Design Aircraft Jet Engines for a Living regularly watch there show ;^)

I first built an H quad based on Josh Bixler’s design


of course I had to go fancy on it with a tear drop shaped skin on truss “fuse” Milled end / riveted Aluminum Arms…

Parked next big H quad is a Nano QX, I used to fly .30 size nitro RC heli’s and have Real Flight. the Big H was the first Quad i have flown, There where some things learned flying the Nano and I would recommend the Blade Nano QX as a turn key way to really learn how to fly one of these things with a good amount of durability.


Flite Test episode on Tricopters vs. Quads.



Glory Days at Snowy Jefco Aero Modelers flying a modified Kadet Sr on Sky’s


2005 FPV set up on my modified Kadet Sr, Black Widow 600mw system.



Barracuda Custom Designed Giant Scale RC Sea Plane



In Flight Pic of the Barracuda


Barracuda Fuselage Truss Sub Structure.

powered condor 96 2

Florida Condor custom build,

powered condor 96 4

The Condor featured almost no Balsa, instead it was mostly 1/32 ply wood.


RCM Cloud Dancer 120 with custom V tail, foam core wing & fast back turtle deck & Custom Designed WASP with antihedral



De’ Snail custom designed old timer plane Flies like its name = not very fast.


Electric & .061 Nitro Moths Custom Designed


Helped Keith S build his Cloud Dancer .40 from RCM plans (glory days at ERAU DB)


The WASP is one of the first RC planes I designed (back in Middle School), was originally intended for an RCM construction article but that never came to be. still a very good flyer


Frankenstein Motor Glider Custom built so named that I built a re designed wing for a fuselage then a re designed fuselage for the new wing.


Another View of the Frankenstein with its mammoth 10′ wing span, all powered by a small K&B .28 Sportster


Dabbling with an Auto Gyro design (custom build) while flying .30 size Helis



Custom Designed Falcon Pattern Plane @ Jefco


Can anyone spot the ERAU Aero Space Engineers RC planes? A hint they do not have White Monocote.


astro nose

Custom Designed 2X Estes Astro Blaster & Custom Designed Arizona Condor.


Manta ray custom designed flying wing, lots of inspiration from the Horton Brothers flying wings




RFW30 Rocket Powered micro flying wing with custom launch stand



TFW60 Tractor Norvel .061 powered 60″ flying wing with conventional Aileron & Elevator surfaces, no mixing.



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