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Most of the Plans built RC planes where from RCM Plans.


DCP_2028 RCM cloud dancer 120 in red and 60 in teal

DCP_4783Mini Kadet (I think AMA MA plans)

DCP_4838Keith with his RCM cloud dancer 40 I helped him build

giant genecis 2150% scale Genisis glider

P1006707 RCM Arrow Sea Plane

P1006745RCM Gitano 60 size pattern plane

t88 and poolRCM Tornado 88 60 size pattern

apex 1RCM Apex, tricky flight charteristics

C delta 4 RCM Clymax Delta, very good flyer, one of my favorite Delta wing aircraft I’ve built

canards2 200% scale Astro Blaster and a AMA MA ascender

DCP_0598RCM Ultra Sport 60 with retracts

IMG_2556 Flite Test Nut Ball

IMG_2555Mini Kadet at Dyer Rc field in WPB