Lamination Supplies

Below are links to where you can find most common lamination supplies that are highly efficient & cost effective.


Michaels Crafts

Good brick & mortar availability,

40% off coupons can give a huge savings


3/8″ wide stir & fillet sticks (generates 3/16″R) (also known as a Popsicle stick)

Item# 10094698

Box says 5/16 but pull out a tape there 3/8″ 99% of the time




~3/4″ stir sticks & large fillet sticks (generates ~ 3/8″ R) (Also known as a tong depressor)

Item# 10334892

Plastic Transfer / wet layup Scissors
Item# 10457007
The all metal construction & Chrome Plating works well for solvent cleaning, blades stay sharp & has good geometry for cutting wet layup on plastic flat patterns
Graphic Ruler
Item# 10064564



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