Oshkosh Airventure

For those who do not know what Oshkosh / Airventure is there is a youtube video that sums it up quite well

It’s made by Youtube User Slick Hutto, I suggest you watch it at full screen with the volume up, if the Video does not seriously move you by the end find a new passion in life beyond aviation.



Sea Plane Base with Cubs & Barn @ Airventure 03′


Here I am Trying out a BE-103 Russian Sea Plane, very innovative Design @ AV03′



My Dad in front of a F4U Corsair His Favorite Plane. @AV03′



GP-4 Cowling, one of the slickest designs I’ve come across. @ AV03′


a Rare Lippisch WIG Wing in Ground Effect machine at Pioneer Airport @ AV03′



Bell 47 “MASH” Helicopter Ride over AV03′ first time I’ve ever ridden in a Heli


Some Airventure 06′ stuff:


PZL 104 so looks like one of my sketch book doodles AV06′



you know me I cant resist a Stinson Reliant AV06′



B1B very impressive on the ground & in the air AV06′



Symmetry one off design from one of Scaled’s Fabricators, Fit & Finish was very Clean AV06



Clever Lancair Fuel Tank Vent Setup AV06′



Don’t usually Worship at the Alter of “RV” but this 8 did catch my eye AV06′



Check out the Tail its a Piper PA23-160 Apache Geronimo, I bugged my Powerplant DAR for years at Piper that they should invent a Piper Sky Diving plane called the Geronimo, guess I was too late. ;^) AV06



A Happy Navion AV06′



Real Nice Paint Job on a Piper Tri Pacer AV06′



A throw back to day’s gone by, a Long-Ez in front of the Old Whitman Field Control Tower AV06′



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