Tig Welding Book

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Discover the world of TIG Welding.

While Learning TIG may seem quite intimidating or if your not getting the results your looking for in your welds this book can help you get into this Fabrication method & guide you in the direction of Mastery.

Their are many kinds of Structures where TIG Welding is the most ideal Fabrication method, these include:

♦   Custom Car Frames
♦   Airplane Fuselages
♦   Engine Mounts
♦   Exhaust Systems
♦   Motor Cycle Frames
♦   Bicycle Frame
♦   Off Road Buggy Frames
♦   Metal Part Repair
♦   Metal Sculpture Art
♦   Tooling & Shop Equipment

In this book you will learn about:

♦   Shop Safety
♦   The different types of TIG welder machine technology
♦   Equipment Selection
♦   Where to Spend & Where to Save
♦   Material Prep
♦   Setups
♦   Detailed TIG welding methods
♦   and much much more.

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