At Work I’m often referred to as “Mr. Rags and Glue” its a metal slang term for Composites.


What truly kicked off much of direction in life was my Parents taking me to Oshkosh 1993, If you have never been to Oshkosh or Sun-N-Fun for just the cost of the admission ticket you can get introductory hands on / real world training in every kind of Major Aircraft fabrication method, & I tried them all:

Made Happy Rivets = instructor was sad

Made Booger Welds = instructor was disappointed

Made my first composite parts = instructor thought I was a Prodigy & the Light Bulb went off “hey I can do this stuff”

Since then (~22 years ago) I have learned how to Rivet but with the world of Composites I have really climbed the Ladder.

Material Supply & Data



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